Brittany puppies for sale ready Sept. 7: Carroll and Michele Butler of Kerrville, Texas have bred 2 of their own brittany dogs and 13 puppies were born on July 20, 2007!  This is a one and only breeding for us - we are not  breeders, we just wanted a puppy out of our oldest dog Radar.  Our dogs are very spoiled family pets as well as excellent hunting dogs.  Be assured that all the puppies are getting a whole lot of loving, holding, and cuddling while we have them here - they will be very well socialized when you get them! 

Snap, the orange and white dam, is small (29 pounds) and 2.5 years old.  She is line-bred from the strongest foundation bloodlines known to brittany breeders: 2x NFC DC AFC HOF Ban-dee and 3x NSTRA (www.nstra.org) Grand National Champion, NSTRA FC DOY HOF Nolan's Last Bullet.

The sire, Radar, is a muscular (40 pounds) liver and white dog with multiple field champions in his pedigree.  He was lively as a puppy, which translated to excellent stamina in the field.  He is 9 years old and is still runs with the German Shorthairs and Pointers we hunt with.


Although the genetics are important, equally so is the proven field ability of both Snap and Radar.  I spend 20 plus days each year hunting Bob White Quail,  Blue Quail (West Texas) and Pheasants (Texas Panhandle) over these dogs.  Both are steady to wing and will retrieve to hand.  Radar is a wide ranging dog who adjusts well to the terrain we are covering.  Snap is a methodical hunter who often finds birds the wider ranging dogs miss. Snap has two hunting seasons experience and has quickly developed into an excellent dog who is a pleasure to hunt with.  Radar is "Rock Solid" on point.  We once lost him for 30 minutes and found him (due to his beeper) on point.  He had been pointing a covey so long they had gone back to feeding and were walking all around him.  Everyone we hunt with knows to not put the shotguns away until Radar is back in the dog trailer because he always finds one more bird!

We give lots of love to the parents - and will do so for all the puppies until they are ready to go to good homes who want either a sweet family dog that's great with kids and/or a great hunting dog.

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